Residency CALL OUT SUMMER 2012

2011 Resident Zohar Kfir’s still from SPROUT GROWTH- DAY 11

Welcome to Andes Sprouts Society
Andes Sprouts Society engages the Catskill Region’s cultural heritage of the working landscape and cultivates collaboration between the local farmers and naturalists and the global new media community.

About Andes Sprouts Society: Andes Sprouts Society (ASsociety) is a non-profit hybrid art and farming organization that supports artists, technologists and farmers engaged in addressing emergent technologies and expressive arts that tie in to isssues such as organic farming, sustainability of the land and emergent media exploration.  We foster a rural platform for global collaboration, common production and interdisciplinary research that encourages interaction between rural and urban residents, as well as artists and agriculturalists, drawn from an international community.

About Sprouts Society Residency:
The residency program invites artists, inventors and farmers  from around the world to participate creatively within Catskill region’s working landscape.  ASsociety residency program supports the inception, creation and presentation of original art projects encompassing new media and bio-art.  The ASS residency facilitates this cross disciplinary collaboration with a mobile residency program that travels to host farms in the Catskills. Built on a trailer frame, the residency cabin periodically will be moved to different host farms allowing the residents to create projects that interact with different forms of agriculture (for example, produce, livestock, agroforestry) in different years and seasons.

2012 Season : FUTURE SEEDS
For 2010 to 2012, ASsociety has been soliciting residency proposals based on the theme, “FUTURE SEEDS”. This initiative derives from our urban/rural farming exchanges and explores media art to connect programming codes and data processing with the natural algorithms of seeding and growth. Through sensing, cultivating and communicating with the soil, fields, seeds, plants, bees and animals via electronic means and devices, FUTURE SEEDS explores a brand new genre of electronic art that situates artists in the farm land.  At the conclusion of “FUTURE SEEDS” ASsociety will produce an exhibition and/or seminar with visiting residents and local artists and farmers reviewing the works created or research generated during the 2010-2012 residency seasons.

For the 2012 season, the ASS residency cottage will be situated on the Michael Kudish Natural History Preserve(MKNHP) adjoined by the Goldenheart Unidiversity Farm(GHU Farm).
GHU Farm is a diversified small farm with livestock, bees and vegetable and flower gardens. GHU Farm and the Preserve are active with honey bee workshops, botanical identification of specimens in the Preserve with Dr. Michael Kudish, and hosting other grouyps involved in wild-crafting and food production.   Resident artists are encouraged to develop projects that tie into the farm and preserve.  Other initiatives might address other aspects of the Catskill biosphere.

About the Host Farm
GHU Farm is a historic former dairy farm and boarding house on 113 acres of Catskill Mountain Land – once mostly pasture, now mostly forest. The GHU Farm family has been re-introducing livestock and produce to the lands and animals again reside in the 100-plus-year old barn. The livestock, beehives and orchard trees have been proliferating through GHU’s natural animal care practices.  GHU also hosts “wwoof” farm enthusiasts in their farmhouse in exchange for helping hands around the farm and offers a sustainable agriculture reference library.

The Michael Kudish Natural History Preserve

Accommodation Information
Residents living/work space is a 250-square-foot self-contained off grid cottage and outdoor kitchen, bathroom and shower.  The cottage relies on renewable system include solar power and water catchment systems, as well as technological conveniences such as wi-fi and cell phone reception.  Resident artists are welcome to enjoy dinner in the farmhouse with the family and farmhands and will meet with ASsociety and host Farmer once a week to talk about the upcoming week, progress and to orient residents to local resources and points of interest.

Technical Support and Collaborating Organizations
Access to partnering media labs at RPI’s iEAR Studios Facilliites (Integrated Electronic Arts at Rensselaer) and The Sanctuary for Independent Media, Troy, NY are potential resources for residents.  Contribute content to The Farm Hour radio program on WIOX Roxbury Community Radio.  The Farm Hour is a weekly one hour program highlighting regional farmers and agriculture issues.  Additional support, with adequate advance notice, may include ride-sharing to and from residency as well as ‘field trips. Sprouts may also help procure recycled and salvaged materials for projects.

Artists awarded longer term residencies will be awarded stipends of $500 which they may apply to materials, travel or other expenses incurred to complete their project and residency. Depending upon availability of the residents’ cabin, suitable artists may be selected for short stays of 2-5 days (without stipends).

Application deadline: March 6, 2012                                                                                 Artist selected for 2012 residency will be notified April 7th.

The application should include:
– Project description (up to one page)
– Short letter describing how the project matches the objective of the call for residency
– Short CV (up to 1 page)
– When you would like to be here and for how long (min 2-4max weeks)

Applications for short stays 2-5 days will also be considered.

SEND Applications to: or

Andes Sprouts Society PO Box 243 Roxbury, NY 12474

QUESTIONS???? please ask questions through the comment section on this Page, as a comment.  OR of course you can email questions, comments, suggestions to

Application Criteria
Eligible residency projects may, among other things, take the form of research or the production of artworks integrating technology or robotics, data visualizations, immersive environments, internet-based art,  electronic art, interactive works, remote/mobile hardware, and open source bio-technology.  The residency artist is expected to collaborate with the host farm, however the level of collaboration is open ended.  Collaboration may include sharing research, presentation of new work, documentation of host farm elements or outreach in the form of a lecture, workshop or publication.

For the first season of Future Seeds,  ASSociety Residency was located at artist Shulea Cheang’s Farm in Andes, NY.  Artist Hernani Dias expanded his Re:farm initiative by teaming up with NY Resistors through his concurrent residency with Eyebeam and constructed a Composter / Worm Palace on the Farm.

For the second season of the Future Seeds residency, the Sprouts Resident cabin was hosted by the Michael Kudish Natural History Preserve in Stamford, NY.  Artist Zohar Kfir from Montreal set up sprouting seed tables for time lapse footage.  She held a youth workshop on computer, gave a presentation including projections of her video work on the exterior wall of the cabin, gave a live radio interview, went on a edible forest hike, milked goats, and generally engaged with both artists and farmers in Delaware County. To learn more about Zohar’s time in Stamford, click here:

Resident artists for 2011 included Layet Johnson, Zohar Kfir and  Mandy Morrison.


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  4. The program described on this site is an innovative antidote to the despair regarding the future of farming, food, community, soil, fertility, longevity, and much more. Congratulations!

    I am eager to explore the possibility that we might work together. I am the author of the first eco-art textbook that will be published by the University of California Press this spring. Also, I am curating an exhibition called “Dear Mother Nature” at the Dorsky Museum of Art at SUNY New Paltz this summer. There is much more to share.

    It would be a great pleasure to make your acquaintance and visit the Michael Kudish Natural History Preserve. Please let me know if this is possible. I live in Rhinebeck.

    Linda Weintraub

    845 758 9289

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  6. what a Good Place!!!really envy you all having good life there Reply:September 21st, 2009 at 9:39 pmayeh! I can ride to office too! In fact I walk to office everyday. My office is just 2.2 KM away and I usually take approx 25 mins to walk there. I don’t drive on weekday these days only weekend when go to supermarket for grocery.How much is your bike costs you? if you don’t mind? The new bike here costs thousands of dollars!

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