ASsociety programs for artists, farmers and the general public include: New media art residency, bio-technology and farming workshops, eco-aware exhibitions, film screenings, public projects and performances, lectures and forums. The residency program invites artists, inventors and farmers from around the world to participate on the Catskill region’s working landscape.

ASsociety residency program supports the inception, creation and presentation of original art projects encompassing new media and bio-art. The ASS residency facilitates cross disciplinary collaboration for new media artists and farmers with a mobile residency program that travels to host farms in the Catskills. Built on a trailer frame, the residency cabin periodically will be moved to different host farms allowing the residents to explore different fields such as produce, livestock, agroforestry and other forms of agriculture in different years and seasons.

  Support for Sprouts Society programs  include donations from individuals like you,              New York State Council on the Arts, Michael Kudish Natural History Preserve and Casey Joes Coffee House.  Fiscal Sponsorship is graciously provided by Performance Plus of Stamford.


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