Open Barn

The Andes Sprouts Society presents its resident artists for 2013 who will exhibit art installations in the midst of 1,000s of curing garlic bulbs in a former dairy barn. Meet artists Ji Young Kim, Lauri Lynnxe Murphy, Sybille Neumeyer, and Cassie Wagler, as well as Andes Sprouts, Straight Out of the Ground farm hands, a nd Farm Hour co-hosts live and on-the-air. Located in white barn at 52234 State Highway 30 (just south of the Roxbury Town Highway Department).

Photos © by Sybille Neumeyer

“Sweet Corn” (working title)– work in progress // Cassie Wagler in collaboration with Mark Wagler



“stirps et folia” / “The Space between the Plants” – 2013 // Sybille Neumeyer in collaboration with Madalyn Warren



“Homing Beacon for the Last Bee” – 2013 // Lauri Lynnxe Murphy


“The Garlic Cathedral “– 2013 // Lauri Lynnxe Murphy


“World in Mould”– 2013 // Ji Young Kim

k_S84A1562 k_S84A1565


impressions from the exhibition:

b_S84A1477_k b_S84A1463_k b_S84A1461_k


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