Now accepting 2013 Residency Proposals

2013 Season : BROADCASTING


Parable of the Sower, woodcut by Christoffel van Sichem from Het Niewe Testament, 1646 (Image from Pitts Theology Library);

Farmers have been broadcasting seeds by hand for thousands of years, with little to no change in the technique.  A good seed broadcaster will achieve even coverage over the planting area, with just the right amount of seeds cast for dense but not crowded plant growth.  Its a very low tech process and a few elements in a good broadcast are a steady gait, a light vessel to carry the seeds, no wind and an even cast.  Broadcasting for artists include a whole different set of criteria and technology, literally broadcasting through radio, tv and new media. Projects that are activating, visualizing or intervening a singular component or all elements of broadcasting, from seeds to radio programming are all encouraged.   The agricultural system is of significant importance to us at Andes Sprouts and we encourage creative interpretation of the 2013 theme “Broadcast” as they pertain to eco issues of sustainability, energy, waste, technology and habitat.  APPLICATION INFO





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