June 9th, Seeds+Soil = Supper

On  June 9th, the Pine Hill Community Center, in collaboration with Andes Sprouts and Catskill Cabaradio, will plant a garden that will produce ingredients for the September 8th Cabaradio Community Supper.     Everyone is invited to bring plants or seeds and to help plant the garden with salad and rattatouille ingredients and then stay to participate in that evening’s community supper and Catskill Cabaradio performance and live radio broadcast.      

Pine Hill Community Center has two small plots that are suitable for planting, and Madalyn Warren of Andes Sprouts and Ann Epner, Executive Director of Pine HillCommunity Center are excited about the idea of a community planting for a community harvest.   

If you have plants or seeds to donate to the garden, please bring them to PHCC  by 4pm  on June 9th.  We are looking for the following plants to transplant into the garden: (5) tomato plants, (5) eggplants, (5) sweet peppers, (3) hot peppers, (3) cucumbers, (4) Basil, (4) summer squash, (4) parsley Seeds: Beans, Carrots, Beets

****The gardens have  limited space, and we request you check in with Ann Epner about donations.    Call at (845)  254-5469 orinfo@pinehillcommunitycenter.org

During the week before Cabaradio on September 8,  come harvest  the goodies and prepare a special dish for the Cabaradio Community Supper.  The garden vegetables and herbs will be ready to harvest and Ratatouille is on the menu!  Come and share a community meal harvested from the PHCC garden. 

The Pine Hill Community Center – Serving the People of the Central Catskills
Celebrating What We Have, Responding to What We Need – Together!
287 Main Street
PO Box 647
Pine Hill, NY 12465


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