Layet Johnson presents his past and current work…

At Casey Joes Coffee House in Arkville. July 30, Arkville, NY, 5 pm- 6 pm

Layet Johnson, Andes Sprouts Society resident artist, will be presenting on his current research including his recent graduate thesis work from The University of Georgia as well as his ongoing project in Stamford involving a digital weather survey and botanical inventory of the Michael Kudish Natural History Preserve. He will also discuss his creative process as well as how it relates to contemporary notions of a virtual landscape. Born in Little Rock, Arkansas, Layet has always maintained an interest in drawing and sports. He states that “drawing is the foundation of the arts because it forces one to see and it is bound by nothing but its two dimensions.” While in Athens, Georgia, for graduate school, Layet became interested in not only the physicality of sculpture but the potentiality of its materials. This potential, he says, “leads one to question what material is raw – is it organic or synthetic, found or created, and is it even tangible?” This culmination of artistic practices, from the visionary realm of drawing to the physical moment of sculpture, has brought Layet here to the Catskills to explore notions of the internet landscape and the physical landscape via a field-work and programing practice. Please join him for discussion and refreshments afterwards and then the auction at 6 pm.
Free and all are welcome

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