eco studio design/build Final :: KTC: Recipe House

Final Selection:  Recipe House by KTC  (Kate Cahill, Tara Marandino, Caroline Woolard)

Launched in December 2008, the design/build competition set out to address AS Society’s new media artist residency program needs by issuing an open call out to architects both locally and abroad to submit designs. Entrants were challenged to design a 300-square foot, portable, off-grid studio on a $5,000 budget. In addition to heeding budgetary constraints, entrants were asked to incorporate an agricultural and sustainable energy component into the design. After considering nearly 80 entries, the jury selected three finalists in early June. Finalists had one month to address the jury’s questions and concerns before resubmitting their plans with any adjustments. The six-member jury voted again last week, finally KTC‘s design, The Recipe House, received the most votes Juror Usman Haque said of The Recipe House: “I really love this project – I believe it should be seen as a description of a collaborative construction process; not as a formal solution to a set of knowable constraints.” The winning design “Recipe House” is to be built this August.


2 responses to “eco studio design/build Final :: KTC: Recipe House

  1. This project offers a lot of solutions but it doesn’t look good doing it. The real challenge is making sustainable design beautiful (or inspiring) to the lay patron. We look forward to the next competition.

  2. Hello, I would really like to see if you built the winning proposal. Please post some pictures. Best.

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