Finalists revised proposals

Austin+Mergold : Living in the Plants finalist

GTECTS finalist

KTC : Recipe House finalist


One response to “Finalists revised proposals

  1. some will have trouble doing the most fundamental things that structures need to do – stay up and keep water out. I think the winner is still in the original shortlist.

    Kudos to KTC, which clearly put in some extra work/analysis but will have big problems making an envelope of their system. I am skeptical that this thing will be waterproof and wont collapse with a lateral force, especially with the massive trombe (extra mile award clearly). The proof of concept was a noble attempt, but asks more questions than it answers.

    Austin & Mergold has cross bracing and envelope – clearly the leader for “it can be done and wont deteriorate” The renderings dont do anything at this point, would like to see the meat and potatoes analysis of KTC.

    good luck, perhaps they could all work together. The two proposals are not so much apart, and doing an architectural punnett square may reveal a combination that both would be better off with. there is much optimism here, and it is good to see.

    be well. all in all, somewhat of a success.

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