AS design/build jury time update

your patience has been really appreciated and by the end of this week we hope to post an announcement of finalists and honorable mentions.

the challenges presented in the call-out have certainly been met …. the range of solutions, approaches and creative intent in the proposals has made for an intense and deliberative jury review.

selecting a studio design that addresses AS society program needs for both residency and farm operations within an environmentally dynamic region(ny city watershed, working landscapes,catskill mountains) poses a unique set of issues to consider. yes, the amount of time for review may appear to be excessive but please know, this time has been necessary and useful in order to benefit the natural environment,  design integrity and overall success of this project.

the built studios are sure to become expressions of a unique convergence of architecture, agriculture and new media.

thank you.


2 responses to “AS design/build jury time update

  1. I totally agree with the fact that you want to make a thoughtful decision, but please try to keep us informed.

  2. hi, yes the online/digital jury process is really good, i recommend it, however the amount of time for each step takes some patience. in fact each step has taken 5-10x the amount of time i assumed was needed in the out set of this competition… so let it be known for future projects, online jury reviews/discussions work well but don’t expect quick results. on the brighter side of online jury i found that time for travel was eliminated, discussions were easily archived and the blend of individual+group review time allowed for really informed discussions.

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