jury short-list of ASsociety residency studio competition

All applicants proposals have been thoroughly reviewed. The following list of applicants are continuing on to further juror discussion. After the final discussion we will have 3 finalists and honorable mentions to announce.
The creation of smart, innovative and inspiring designs from this competition have contributed towards the advancement of
sustainable building solutions by practical methods and economical means. Regardless of the outcome of this competition, we encourage you all to propose the materialization of your design within your local community. Thank you.

5 ten penny studio

7 DeborahBerke&Partners: ArtistsPavilions

12 Henry Miller: Minute House

16 K Gregory and K Saunders: Anchor Wall

20 RikEkstrom/SVAclass: Co-op COOP

22 Chris Chalmers/BIO: Solar Sheep

25 TracyA.Stone Architect: GreenHaus


29 Keith Janda: [un]natural[re]sourcing

32 Studio A International

36 George Sweeney: 3 Peas is a Pod

38 Konyk: Girasole

41 FutureFarmers: Regenerative House

44 Todo Design Bedrock

47 LoadingDock5Architecture

55 Manuel Avila Ochoa: HybridTypologies

58 Adrian Blackwell and Jane Hutton

65 Richard Pedronti : SolarStudio

66 Sachin Mulay/KleinmannGroup: SodaPod

70 Austin + Mergold: Living in the Plants

74 J.Cartwright & R.Willingham

75 Kyle Thompson

78 KTC: Recipe House


8 responses to “jury short-list of ASsociety residency studio competition

  1. i would just like to point out [for better or for worse] that those of us who played by the original set of rules and guidelines [namely the due date] make up an even smaller percentage of the short list than we did the original list.

  2. and i would like to add that the information in your call to builders specifically the section that describes it was being built in the barn was a huge piece of information that was not specified…..

  3. thank you all for your thoughtful comments:)
    feasibility of building the studios in the barn was absolutely not considered in the jury review process.
    the use of the barn for construction studio is necessary for the ongoing projects at the farm and a base for studio construction equipment and tools is will be necessary, pre-fab or otherwise.

  4. In hind sight this blog really messed with what the original RFP asked for, or did not ask for…
    In the future and for fairness, please execute discipline in holding an original deadline and if you mention a budget per unit then you should consider those that stuck to it, realistically. If you ever burnt the mid night oil you’d know how annoying it is to have the deadline extended for those who missed it. On a brighter note, I do like most of the juries selections.

  5. short list includes proposals by individuals, architecture firms, multi-disciplinary teams and students.

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