jury review update

dear all,    we had hoped to post a short-list this week to share with you all, however we thought it best to give all applicants the benefit of a second review by  jurors before posting a list.    as you know, details can often be overlooked and it is our hope that an additional review by jurors will contribute to a thorough and careful review process.   thank you for your patience.   andes sprouts society


7 responses to “jury review update

  1. Why are you telling them to get a hobby? I’m sure they have plenty…..It’s the fact that every single date gets pushed back that makes people frustrated. Id say two weeks and nothing out of them justifies a comment. And no it doesn’t just take as long a s it takes….We had to respect a deadline……

  2. well a small percentage of us respected the deadline, and that held no weight. the rest presumably wasted their time complaining about the date and got it pushed back; i guess the old saying holds true…squeeky joint gets the oil…perhaps the handful of us on the shortlist that respect deadlines for what they are will be rewarded, thats a noble idea…

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