Jury time continues

wow, we have just under 80 proposals to review and the jury time is taking a bit longer than we anticipated.   the announcement date of winning proposals will be towards the end of this month, April.

Georg Windeck reconsidered his position on the jury and dismissed himself due to personal reasons.  In his absence, AndesSproutsSociety is now participating in the proposal review and discussion.

we have a rather long, short list i will post as soon as we receive all round 1 picks from jurors.  thanks for your patience.


5 responses to “Jury time continues

  1. so you will post a short list and then winning proposals toward the end of the month?

  2. 5 from the original 6 jurors are in! and in place of the georg windeck’s vote, andes sprouts society has joined the jury and is reviewing and voting in (acting as 1 juror with 1 vote)

  3. marvelous! how should we expect the short list? on here with links to all the short list proposals [regardless of if they were public or private in submission]? or more along the lines of just a list of those people/teams on the short list?

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