Proposal deadline extended to FEB 28

ASsociety residency studio proposal
DEADLINE extended to
FEBRUARY 28th, 11pm eastern time.


22 responses to “Proposal deadline extended to FEB 28

  1. The extension deadline should of been posted on the death by architecture website and the main page of Andes website. It very unclear about the deadline extension

  2. with the deadline extension from 2/15, it would be disappointing if the late entries (past 2/28) are included in the awarding of the winning proposal. With an entry in the competition, we put our pencils down and submitted to beat the deadline date. If we had an extra hour, or ten, this would have allowed us to make significant development on renderings and documentation that we could not make.

    We leave it to your best judgement, in the end, you must choose the entry that will fit your needs the best.

  3. This competition has a panel of jurors that will review/select the design we build. The 6 jurors will have a set of suggested criteria to review with and they will see the proposals on the submission page in exact order as you see it, it’s their discretion to give merit to the teams submitting by original deadline Feb 15.

    The deadline was extended to include a wider community of architects, artists and designers and in light of the quantity and quality of the designs submitted between 2/15 and now, it was a good move. This competition is far from a high-profile,big budget event, and so we were able to respond to all involved. You should know that the decision to move the deadline was partially influenced by people working on proposals requesting more time. Apologies to you and your team for our failure to translate the importance of your input/feedback on this design/build process. In the future we will make more effort to be obvious.

  4. i noticed the entry my firm submitted on the 28th is now marked 03/01/09 on the submission page. will it not be included in judging even though it was uploaded before the deadline and the date marker seems to have malfunctioned?

  5. hi Laura,
    sorry to have startled you with the date confusion. the site was programmed in germany and we neglected to change the clock to eastern time.
    not to worry, your timing is perfect.

  6. hahahahahahahaha to the above post. That seems to be why there were so many so far over budget.

    And to the society:

    I understand that there was a mix up with time zones for some of the (march 1st) entries…please check the hours to exclude the late posters. And as for the March 2nd….and 3rd….I’m assuming those will be deleted?

  7. At a quick glance of proposals, im estimating 40% are site specific, the others are partial fits to our criteria. all good, as all of the entries are within the type of design and construction we hope to elaborate on in future showcase, workshops, publications. As for budget, it was not included in the original RFP, but you did see it posted on this blog.

    The genuine thought, consideration and inspiration found in the proposals far outweigh anything to do with budgets.

  8. sorry to confuse, I was only referring to those that missed the feb 28 deadline, not the 15th. with explanation of the time zone, all is well.

    good luck with the submissions.

  9. In reviewing some of the entries this competition has a lot of excellent solutions. There is a lot of effort and talent presented- and the design problem is fascinating as well.

    Our studio entered a design competition at the end of 2007, with similar budget/ sustainability themes- After the winner was chosen a book was published with most of the entries- it was a great way to frame the visualized concepts…

  10. we hope to announce by April 10th. all depends on how smooth the jury process goes.

  11. indeed, excellent solutions all around. yes showcasing the solutions in exhibition and/or publication is in our future.

  12. selecting honorable mentions was not specified in the jury guide, however, this is a good suggestion we will consider.

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