ASsociety residency studio proposal submission in ONLINE

please do not email proposals. the change in submission process is now

ONLINE proposal submission at Andes Sprouts Society
click onto

proposal submission

Your proposal can be shared with public from Andes Sprouts website OR visible to jurors and Andes Sprouts admin only.

If you run into problems, please email now|at|andessproutssociety|dot|us

Most likey you will be submitting a fairly large file, this will take a minute to upload, your patience is appreciated. Proposals will not be accepted by email. Thank You!


4 responses to “ASsociety residency studio proposal submission in ONLINE

  1. TEN pages maximum

    Proposals must be submitted electronically via click proposal submission link.
    that said, please include max 6 pages for drawings, 1 page for budget, along with max 2 page project description and one page cover letter with name of applicant(s) and collaborators’ contact info and brief bio (including url’s) with ONE key contact person’s email. total pdf file no larger than 10MB.

  2. We were prepared to submit our proposal, however after reviewing the recently posted submission requirements we are unsure where the budget fits into this NINE page proposal.

    The pdf containing the project description outlines 1 bio page, 2 pages of project description, 1 page budget, and 6 pages of drawings. This would leave a total of 10 pages.

    Please advise us regarding this discrepancy. Thank you.

  3. Kelly, Hello.

    please excuse the confusion between the original pdf and the info on this blog. yes you are right the original pdf we posted does ask for 10 pages total. this blog is quoting 9, did not consider additional page for budget. 9 or 10 pages, does not really matter, either way. looking forward to receiving your proposal. all the best to you.

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