colonialism in the 21st century.

multinationals and govts. exploiting nature and native knowledge  by way of commercial patenting of indigenous varieties of seeds. 

biopiracy, bioprospecting related projects considered for summer residency.  

relevant links 

no patent on seeds

Ines Doujak    Victory Gardens


One response to “BIOPIRACY

  1. While there is nothing inherently the matter with the profit motive greed all too often pervades the cycles of nature and tramples upon the ‘ebb and flow’ of the planets existing balance.
    It would be nice if these engineers and companies could put their talents together to feed what are termed third world, or developing nations. If the yield can be increased why not increase the yield towards a cause that can make a real, sustainable global impact.
    Greed has marked the decline of all empires and greed will continue to do so. In but a few months the developed world will experience ‘first-hand’ the scope and domain that greed can have.

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